Suitcase 3 Folding Picnic Dinning Table Small -Cloudyoutdoor
Suitcase 3 Folding Picnic Dinning Table Small -Cloudyoutdoor

Item specifics

Product size
aluminum dia. MDF with width 3.2cm aluminum
43x43x43cm 10pcs

Product review


1.Foldable: This small table is collapsible, both the table top and legs are using foldable design, it is easy to assemble and separate.
2.Stable and Durable: This small table has a flat top and cross legs, and all four legs are equipped with skidproof foot cover, the structure of this table is stable and you can use it safely. It's maximum load is 55 pounds.
3.Product Quality Assurance:The table board is made of durable aluminum material,it is waterproof、anti-corrosion and ovenproof.The table legs use the high intension aluminium alloy,the bearing capacity is strong,it is not easy to bend and deformation.
4.Multipurpose:This small table can not only be used at home、in cars and motor homes, but also be used for camping、hiking、beach、picnic、BBQ、cooking and dining.Such a small table provides great convenience for your life.