Before camping what should we do?

Time: 2020-06-03
Summary: Before camping what should we do?
Camping is a fun outdoors activity. There's no right way to pack for a camping trip, since the items you pack depend entirely on the sorts of activities you want to do. Make a list of things that could help you have a great camping trip, then collect everything in clear plastic totes. Place the heaviest items on the bottom and the lighter things on top.
1.Decide what activities you want to do. 
The things you pack on your camping trip depend on the activities you want to engage in. For instance, if you plan on going fishing, you'll need to bring fishing rods, a tackle box,
fishing chair
and so on. If you plan on picnic, you'll need to bring folding table or
kitcen cabinet
2.Make a check list of things that you'll need for those activities. 
Once you've determined the activities you want to do on your camping trip, write everything down on a checklist. Collect the necessary items and cross them off as you go.
3.Evaluate your gear for damage and functionality. 
If you have a portable gas-fired stove, test it before packing it. If it hasn't been used in a while, you might need a refresher on how to use it. Turn your flashlights on and replace batteries if they are dead. Test your lighters and get new ones if they are out of fluid.
(1)Check for tears in your blankets, sleeping bags, and tent, as well. Replace them as needed.
(2)Test the batteries on your GPS and your personal alarm, if you need them.
4.Check the campsite regulations to find out what you cannot bring. 
Different campsites allow different types of camping activities. For instance, some campsites allow campers and automobiles, while others only allow tents. Additionally, some campsites allow fires, while some do not. Contact the campsite authority or check their website to determine how you’re allowed to use your campsite.

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