How to have a healthy outdoor activities ?

Time: 2020-05-20
Summary: How to have a healthy outdoor activities
In May , is warm and lovely sunny day . people have traveled to participate in outdoor activities . Although the prevention and control of the epidemic situation are good , we can not release our vigilance , how to do a good job of health protection ? How should we do at the
time ?
Today , let's talk about it .
1 . Appropriate outdoor exercise can improve health and quality of life . Reasonable and appropriate outdoor exercise can also contribute to the healthy development of children's bones , Improving immunity and healthy heart and lung function. 
2 . People can participate in some outdoor physical exercises appropriately according to the climatic conditions . Citizens should avoid close touch with  other people than their companion during
outdoor activities
, and it is best to wear masks . 
3 . Children should go out with the guardian . The guardian should pay attention to the personal hygiene of the child . If you use public toys and facilities , you should pay special attention to hand hygiene . tell them do not to touch the mouth , eyes and nose during the
4 . When outdoor activities , do not spit , cover with elbows or tissues when sneezing or coughing . Whispering or nose secretions or spitting should be wrapped in paper towels and discarded in the trash . 
6 . After returning , wash your hands in time .
Hope everyone enjoy you outdoor time and keep yoursleves safe!

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