Message from General Manager: 

Cloudy Outdoor , bringing together a group of people who love outdoor activities. Do you and your family have good memories of being outdoors? One of the best memories of my childhood was follow the family to go fishing outdoors, at that time outdoor furniture is not very common, we can only sit on the ground, often dirty clothes, sometimes suddenly rain can only rush home. At that time I was thinking, outdoor activities are really wonderful, but unfortunately can not be as comfortable as staying at home. When I was growing up, I started the Cloudy Outdoor, the development of a variety of convenient and comfortable outdoor supplies, is committed to making everyone as comfortable as at home when they are outdoors. 

When I was a child, playing outdoors  made me love the atmosphere of nature. My love for nature made me insist on using environment-friendly materials to make products, protecting my family's health and respecting our nature. At the same time, we hope to bring green and comfortable Outdoor furniture to more people. We are committed to improving our manufacturing technology, lowering costs and providing accurate pricing to make the prices more affordable so that Cloudy Outdoor products can come to more households.

I hope you and your family can enjoy outdoor activities and be closer to nature.This is my wish, but also the purpose of Cloudy Outdoor. 

Best regards